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A career path from Poland to the Netherlands
Working abroad is a big step out of your comfort zone. It requires adaptability in an unknown working environment with the most (new) diverse situations. Przemysław and Anna know all about this. In the interview below they like to tell us a bit more about their career switch.
“Dare to ask, you can learn so much from your colleagues”
Have you quickly found your turn in the Netherlands?

Przemysław: In the beginning I was a bit surprised by the Dutch culture. The perception of certain aspects of everyday life is significantly different from that in Poland. But as time went on, I got used to most of it and started to understand it maybe a little bit. What I cherish the most is the functionality and pleasing aesthetics of Dutch cities and towns and the bike infrastructure that is incomparable to any other country in the world.

Anna: Within three weeks after I was hired at OmniformGroup I had already moved to the Netherlands. The fact that I have been here for almost three years confirms to me that this was a great decision. I quickly felt at home here.

How did you end up at OmniformGroup?

Przemysław: I already had plans to move abroad and ended up in the Netherlands by pure chance. One of my friends has studied Civil Engineering and is following a number of student groups on Facebook. His eye fell on one of the vacancies of OmniformGroup and forwarded the vacancy to me. I had been trying to move abroad for quite some time so it would have been stupid to waste an opportunity like this one.

Anna: One of my friends told me that OmniformGroup is recruiting. What started out as an interest ended up as an opportunity that I wanted to take to transform my then career completely. I decided to write and at the end of the selection procedure I was offered a job. I didn't have to think about that for a second, of course!

What are the features that make you successful in this feature?

Przemysław: As a draftsman I enjoy the diversity of the projects we do. Drawing a large residential area right down to the focus on the smallest details, all these constant changes keep me interested. Every project is different, so it doesn't get boring (quickly).

Anna: It is very satisfying to see completed projects that I have worked on. The feeling that I really play a role to realize a piece of reality for others is what drives me.

Do you have a message for your future Polish colleagues who come to work at OmniformGroup?

Przemysław: Don't be afraid to ask for advice. Every colleague can give you a new insight, so you will not only understand the project better, but also develop your experience and knowledge.

Anna: Don't be afraid to share your insights and ideas with your colleagues. This is the most effective way to learn. What if I can give you a tip? Do not hesitate to speak Dutch immediately, because otherwise you will miss a lot of office jokes!

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